About Me

Joseph Ambalo, a highly respected figure in the real estate industry, currently holds the position of CEO in a prominent real estate company. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, in the 1990’s, Joseph has shown tremendous dedication and perseverance to rise to the top of his profession while maintaining a firm commitment to giving back to the community.

Current Role and Career History

Current Role

As the CEO of his real estate company, Joseph's responsibilities span the breadth of the industry. His company specializes in the long-term holding of multifamily properties. After purchasing and renovating these properties, they are either rented out or sold, depending on their fit within the company’s portfolio.

Career History

Joseph's initiation into the real estate field began shortly after he graduated high school in 2019. He started his academic journey at Touro College while simultaneously exploring the real estate industry alongside his brother, Elliot Ambalo. Balancing his studies with work was challenging, but it taught him the importance of structure and hard work.

Joseph co-founded a real estate development company with his brother, driven by a deep appreciation for building something from the ground up. Their business provides new homes for individuals and families, which Joseph finds immensely fulfilling.

Academic Background

Joseph's foundational years were spent in a religious day school where he developed close relationships with his teachers. These relationships played a crucial role in shaping his worldview and instilling in him the importance of giving back to the community. His subsequent enrollment in Touro College further broadened his academic and professional horizons.

Charity Involvement

Joseph Ambalo's philanthropic efforts are as impressive as his professional achievements. He regularly donates to charities such as Chabad of Greenpoint, MTV, Yeshivah Gedola, and other religious organizations. These charitable endeavors reflect his commitment to aiding others and enriching his community.

Areas of Expertise, Hobbies, and Awards

Joseph's expertise extends beyond real estate to embracing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical fitness. An early riser, he begins his days with a gym workout and a day of work and learning. His dedication to health and fitness is a personal passion and a lifestyle choice.

In his leisure time, Joseph enjoys socializing with friends and family, further cementing his belief in the importance of community. He also has a passion for food and its role in bringing people together.

His most noteworthy professional accomplishment is establishing his own real estate company. While he may not have a traditional list of awards, his achievements in the industry and his impact on his community speak volumes about his professional journey.

Joseph Ambalo embodies resilience, hard work, and commitment to community service. His success in the real estate sector is a testament to his expertise, tenacity, and business acumen. Beyond his professional life, Joseph's commitment to healthy living, love for family and friends, and dedication to giving back to the community form an integral part of his identity. His story serves as an inspiring narrative of success rooted in personal achievement and contributing to the well-being of the larger community.


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